A Mourning Journey

The dark knell of the wind chime, Sounding in the dark, On this morning’s journey, Forward I embark.   How best described the way I feel, What comes from deep inside, The churning chaos, anguish, Love, I often try to hide.   The spongy ground beneath my feet, Nowhere to run or hide, Feelings allowed, …

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This Is Me

I am an emotionally intense, gifted individual with unique needs and desires. I love passionately. I feel deeply. I aspire to live always with an open heart. I’m full ass, and pour myself into that which excites me. I strive to be who I am, radically stripping away that which is not truly me. I …

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Recovering, Me

As I was taught, I gave up, myself. Until I knew I had given, everything. Too much. Too much. I must find, recover, rediscover, me. Endings. Beginnings. All within myself.

From Dreams, Dust

I had so many dreams for us, And now those dreams are naught but dust. I dreamed of growing old together, It lays dead, from broken trust. I dreamed of travels, adventures grand, On shaky foundations, it could not stand. I dreamed of loving partnership, It turned out nothing like I had planned. So young …

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Noticing Nature

The beauty surrounds Not noticed by I, Up in my head Through my thoughts I do fly. My body on auto My head takes control, Through thoughts never ending My brain’s endless scroll. Unbalanced I feel As I notice my state, A conscious upheaval As my mind’s gears grate. I notice my breath, How I …

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