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A Certified Coach, Entrepreneur and Strategist.

Ceredrin Fulfillment Coach

I'm Robert Dempsey, a.k.a. Ceredrin, and I'm a certified fulfillment coach + strategist for male entrepreneurs who were once fed up with the status quo, probably just like you at this moment. These people felt limited, exhausted, and, although 'successful' in terms of our society, underachieved. A belief had stuck to their minds: there's more to their lives than what they have attained so far. What they were actually seeking, was to feel fulfilled. "But Robert, how does one feel fulfilled when human desires are practically endless?" By starting to look inwards because the journey is different for everyone.

You see, seeking fulfillment involves a deep-dive where you have to first discover what fulfillment looks like to you. Then you put in the hours until your expectations with yourself are met to a point, that you stop looking for anything outside of yourself. You revel in your achievements, feel pride in how far you have come and you are grateful for every moment that you're alive. You could go on expanding your business, creating new relationships, having new life goals, but you'll have the same level of contentment that you have now achieved. This is when you know you have achieved fulfillment.

However, for a long time, I felt unfulfilled too..

I’ve been in jobs I dreaded going to, forcing myself out of my bed because I had to make those dollars and support my family. I’ve been smacked around by the learning curve as I changed the trajectory of my career and tried to gain experience so I could get a new job, hoping to find an employer to take a chance on me. I’ve been in very low places with my businesses where nothing I tried seemed to work, and with competition increasing and employees counting on me, I had to make very hard decisions.

Before I became a fulfillment coach, I too faced many hardships in life - recovering from alcoholism, attempting to repair broken relationships, letting go of long-term relationships that were abusive and manipulative, and learning to heal myself and ask others for the support I needed.

Through it all the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that, under almost all circumstances, if you have a willingness to change and will do the work required, you can and will dramatically change your life. While I can’t promise you that everyday is going to be unicorns and rainbows, you can drastically improve the quality of your business, career, life, or in many cases, all of the above.

You CAN gain clarity on what fulfillment looks like to you.

You CAN discover a unique roadmap to get there.

You CAN take action and find the fulfillment you’re looking for.

And you WILL be supported and guided along the way.

Ceredrin, Hiking, fulfillment coach

You can be a meter away from success but miles away from fulfillment. And while success is important, it’s fulfillment that promises true happiness.

Whether consciously, or not we all seek fulfillment.

If you’ve ever felt the pangs of worry or fear as you’ve thought about the success of your business, or sat at your desk feeling underutilized and that there’s so much more you can offer, or woken up dreading the day ahead with its never-ending to-do list, you are on that journey.

What if I told you there’s a path to achieving the happiness you desire, a path to a life where you wake up excited for the day, more satisfied with the work you do, and all in the context of loving and supportive relationships with friends and family?

Sound too good to be true?

It is… if you’re unwilling to do the work necessary to get there. Many are.

However that’s not you. You’re not afraid to “do the work”, as long as you’ll get the reward you seek. Your determination, commitment, and persistence have gotten you much. And now you’re ready for more.

Areas I can help you with as your fulfillment coach



Find your 'why' – why you need fulfillment, and why it should keep you out of bed.



Set your eyes onto your goal, and discover what fulfillment really means for you.



Get clarity on how to bring about positive and continuous change, with clear action steps.



Take back control of where your business, and your relationships are headed.


Self Improvement

Propel yourself to your peak performance and learn how to sustain it.


Self Awareness

Accept your truth, and see how you can play to your strengths while mitigating your weaknesses.



Make quick decisions under pressure, develop trust in your instinct and close your logic to anxiety.


Life Skills

Strategically replace self-destructive habits with character-building ones.

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