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The Path to Entrepreneurship System

Launch a fulfilling business

- in 3 months flat -

Path to Entrepreneurship is a simple, proven, step-by-step system for building a business that will provide you the meaning and fulfillment you’ve been looking for.

Do you feel anxious, frustrated, unfocused or unfulfilled at work?

You’re not alone. These same feelings are felt by men throughout the world.

And you know what? It’s not your fault, because after all, you’ve been lied to your entire life

If you're a man, you’ve been told a story, passed down generation to generation, of what makes you valuable and worthy - the size of your paycheck, the car you drive, the house you lives in, the company you keep…

If you're a woman, the story you've been told is one of putting the needs and desires of others before your own, to be "in the background", to carry the emotional burdens of others, and to not cause trouble.

You may have heard these stories directly from society or those who continue to proclaim the supposed “truth” of it - your parents, teachers, friends, co-workers, and the media. It may have been said matter-of-factly, or it has insidiously crept its way into your life in the form of the limiting beliefs holding you back from true fulfillment.

So let me ask you this - isn’t your worth greater than the stories you've been told? Aren't you worthy, by your very being, of all the fulfillment and meaning you can get in this life?

I agree - your worth is MUCH greater.

I know what it's like to wake up every day feeling like you can do more, be more, to feel like a hamster on a wheel where each day blurs into the next with each looking just like the one before. I know what it's like to work at a job that lacks meaning, unable to truly use all of your skills, simply because you need that paycheck to pay your bills. I understand how frustrating it can be to feel surrounded by people who appear unable to understand your drive to achieve so much more for yourself.

I'll be your guide on this journey.

My name is Ceredrin. I'm a Certified Canfield Trainer, Certified IGNITE Breakthrough Coach, entrepreneur, author, and always student. My journey of personal transformation and entrepreneurship began when I became sober in 1999 after 5 years of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Since then I've built three business in IT, software and online marketing, consulted to Inc. 500 and Fortune 5 companies, spoken nationally and internationally, ran a successful two-day tech conference, authored a data science book, and more. Through it all I learned and created systems for achieving personal and professional breakthroughs. It's that learning I wish to share with you to help you find more meaning and fulfillment in the work you do.

I've been fortunate to have helped people just like you build fulfilling businesses, helping them wake each day feeling inspired, confident, successful, and unapologetically themselves.

People like Matt...

Ceredrin Fulfillment Coach
Ceredrin Falconer, Business Transition Specialist
Matt W.
Matt W.

"Ceredrin was instrumental in helping me brainstorm, formulate, and execute on ideas that I have a passion for and allow me to pursue my dreams. From articulating and visualizing goals to actually getting a website out there with an effective service offering, he encouraged me and held me accountable every step of the way. I went from unsure and afraid of putting myself out there to having a clear goal and traction in the right direction. Through his assistance, I feel empowered and equipped to live the life of my dreams by unlocking my full potential. Ceredrin was friendly and informative, achieving a balance of relating personally while also being an authority on execution strategies I was seeking. He knows how to get stuff done and guide others in doing the same!"

Welcome to Path to Entrepreneurship

Path to Entrepreneurship is a proven, step-by-step system for launching a fulfilling business in the next 3 months.

This is THE system Matt and many others used to launch their businesses, and the same system I used for launching three, 6-figure businesses.

Here's how the program is structured...

Module 1: Foundation - Every business needs a strong foundation as does the entrepreneur building it. In Foundation you'll gain the success mindset you need and form the base of your fulfilling business.

Module 2: Your Fulfilling Work - With your foundation in place we'll identify, together, what your true passion is - that thing that really fires you up, brings massive energy, and will help you feel more fulfilled.

Module 3: Your Seeker - There are already people out there looking for what you have to offer. In Your Seeker we'll identify who they are, what they really want, what’s holding them back from getting it, and how you can help them.

Module 4: Your Offer - Now that we know who you can help and how, we create your offer - the service or product you'll use to help them. We'll also get detailed looking at: how much money you need per year, how many clients/customers you need, what you should charge, and much more.

Module 5: Your Business Model - There are many forms your business can take. Which is best for you? And do you need a 30+ page business plan to do it? In Your Business Model we'll create a one-page business model which covers every important aspect of your business.

Module 6: Your Seeker's Story - Your Seeker is the hero of the story; you are the guide. In this module, we'll write the story of your Seeker and how you, as their guide, can help them achieve what they want on all three levels.

Module 7: Your Marketing Strategy - At the tip of the iceberg is Your Marketing Strategy, where you'll create a marketing strategy and website that appeals to your Seeker. Additionally, you'll learn how to use social media to attract your Seeker, and have endless content ideas.

And then... LAUNCH!

And You're Not Alone

Meet Your Path to Entrepreneurship Support System

8, 15-Minute One-on-One Laser Coaching Sessions - You can use these sessions for anything and at any time during the program. We'll hop on a Zoom call and I'll help you with anything you need.

(Value: $997)

Included with Path to Entrepreneurship

Monthly Group Coaching Sessions - Each month you're invited to a private group coaching session where I'll help answer your most pressing questions and avoid pitfalls or mistakes you might be making without even being aware of them (most people struggle with this)!

(Value: $497)

Included with Path to Entrepreneurship

Path to Entrepreneurship will walk you through your entire transition from employee to entrepreneur.

When you say YES to PTE you're saying YES to:

My exact, proven, complete SYSTEM FOR SUCCESS, including scripts, audios, videos, marketing strategies, and more so you don't have to read hundreds of books, blogs and websites and can start taking action immediately.

7 STEP-BY-STEP MODULES that cover everything from creating an entrepreneurial mindset for success all the way to identifying your seeker, crafting your offer, writing a compelling and attractive seeker story, executing a marketing strategy to making sales. I've got you covered on all the things. 

LIFETIME ACCESS to the most thorough, comprehensive, and detailed trainings, system, and coaching vault you've ever received from any course or program. In addition, you'll receive all updates to Path to Entrepreneurship as the program continues to evolve.

Plus you'll get access to four bonuses designed to help you get even better results:

The Path to Entrepreneurship system walks you step-by-step through everything you need to create and launch a fulfilling and successful business. And because I want to ensure you're fully armed with what you need, you'll also receive these awesome bonuses, specifically designed to help increase your success.

Bonus #1: WordPress Master Class

0In the WordPress Master Class you'll get step-by-step video instructions for building your marketing website. We'll walk through everything including:

  • Purchasing your domain name.
  • Installing WordPress on your hosting with a single click.
  • Making your website look amazing with a WordPress theme.
  • Creating all the pages you need.
  • Writing and publishing blog posts.

(Value: $1497)

Included with Path to Entrepreneurship

Bonus #2: Entrepreneurial Time Management System

I've got two young kids, so being able to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time is the name of the game. I'll teach you the same system I use for getting massive amounts of work done in a very short amount of time, and not just any work, the work that's most important for launching your business.

(Value: $997)

Included with Path to Entrepreneurship

Bonus #3: Legal Master Class

LLC, INC, Sole’s enough to make anyone go cross-eyed! In this training, I'll teach you what cost me thousands in attorney fees and answer your most pressing legal questions, like "What contracts do I need?" and "What type of business should I set up in the first place?"

(Value: $497)

Included with Path to Entrepreneurship

Bonus #4: Accounting Master Class

Running a business is very different than being an employee, and while making money is one thing, managing it is another. In this Accounting Master Class, I'll teach you what I've learned from more than 15 years of entrepreneurship in the areas of taxes, accounting software, and more.

(Value: $497)

Included with Path to Entrepreneurship

You can create a fulfilling business and do meaningful work.

All you have to do is choose which option is right for you:

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Ready to create a fulfilling business?

Think back to that work day where you felt anxious, unfocused, frustrated and unfulfilled. Do you really want to keep feeling like that? Shouldn’t life be more than going to a job you hate simply for a paycheck you can replace?

I can help you:

  • Avoid many of the financial mistakes rookie entrepreneurs make that lead to bankruptcy.
  • Not need an MBA or read hundreds of books to understand how to run a business - there's more to it than you see as an employee.
  • Stop wasting precious time working with a coach who lacks experience building businesses.

I want to help you because you are an eagle. In fact, you wouldn't be here if you weren't!

I want you to fly with the other eagles and fulfill your potential by building something wholly and uniquely our own.

Imagine being:

  • Successful in your business and personal pursuits.
  • Confident, due to an inner knowing.
  • Unapologetically driven to take action.

It's up to you.

If you want to keep feeling anxious, unfocused, frustrated and unfulfilled, keep doing what you’re doing. I think you know where that leads.

If instead you want to bet on yourself and become a confident and successful entrepreneur, click the button below and get on your Path to Entrepreneurship.

More people (just like you) who transformed their lives and businesses with Path to Entrepreneurship

Heather is a licensed therapist who was considering restarting her therapy practice. However, she wanted to do something more in line with who she was. While she enjoyed parts of the job, the therapist's typical method of operating no longer appealed to her. She was more than a bit burned out from it. After we removed a number of blocks, she decided to create a coaching practice around helping others express their creativity and use her training as a therapist as a part of the process. Together we created a customized plan of action, and she created a new coaching business in less than three months.

Lucian is an entrepreneur and founder of a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. He came to be because he felt unsure around the success of his own business and the actions he would and would not take to make that happen. After helping him repattern his beliefs around success, he hired a marketing consultant who helped him grow the business. Because he was focusing on what he most wanted to do, he was more happy and became even more successful with his business.

I tell you these stories to help you see this is absolutely possible for you too when you have a proven system to follow, which you will have when you enroll in the Path to Entrepreneurship today.

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You have a full 60 days to try Path to Entrepreneurship. Use it, and if you aren’t satisfied with your results, email me with your completed work and I will refund 100% of your investment. View the full refund policy here.

Why do I feel so confident in PTE? This program has worked for many business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs just like you. They’ve been where you are, they’ve done the work, and they’ve gotten to the other side. I know that if you commit to taking action and following the system, soon I’ll be sharing your story right alongside theirs.

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