Let me show you how to create more fulfillment in your business and life.

IGNITE Coaching is for action-oriented male entrepreneurs seeking to find more fulfillment through drastically improving the quality of their businesses and lives.

Fulfillment… it’s something we all seek, consciously or not.

If you’ve ever felt the pangs of worry or fear as you’ve thought about the success of your business, or sat at your desk feeling underutilized and that there’s so much more you can offer, or woken up dreading the day ahead with its never-ending to-do list, you are on that journey.

What if I told you there’s a path to achieving the happiness you desire, a path to a life where you wake up excited for the day, more satisfied with the work you do, and all in the context of loving and supportive relationships with friends and family?

Sound too good to be true?

It is… if you’re unwilling to do the work necessary to get there. Many are.

However that’s not you. You’re not afraid to “do the work”, as long as you’ll get the reward you seek. Your determination, commitment, and persistence have gotten you much. And now you’re ready for more.

So why, despite your determination, commitment, and persistence, are you still left feeling unsatisfied?

Three Roadblocks To Your Fulfillment

While your situation is unique to you, in my experience working with hundreds of clients, there are a three common roadblocks to feeling fulfilled.

The first and largest roadblock is you don’t have a clear path to get to where you want to be. That’s not your fault; it’s how our minds work. When we’re so close to a problem, such as how best to change careers or advance our business, combined with the overwhelming how-to information available, and topped with our minds wanting to keep us comfortable and in status quo, finding the path on our own can be difficult if not downright impossible. As humans, we all deal with this.

The second roadblock is what I call the curse of knowledge. Now I’ll bet you’ve become very good at what you do. You’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experience over the years that has served you well. You’ve found success. However, when it comes to making a dramatic shift, what you know won’t serve you as well as it has. That’s not to say what you’re learned is irrelevant, because it’s not, rather it needs to be added to and expanded.

The third and most nefarious roadblock is actually a combo deal - it’s your unconscious limiting beliefs. “But wait!” you say, “I’ve achieved a lot. What do you mean I have unconscious limiting beliefs?!” And yet you’re still reading this, and you still feel unsatisfied. That’s not a value judgement, it’s simply a fact. If you didn’t have unconscious limiting beliefs, you’d be feeling a lot better about things. But you don’t. And while that’s a hard reality to accept, I’m confident that you can learn to accept that, and move forward to more fulfillment.

For a long time I felt unfulfilled too.

I’ve been in jobs I dreaded going to, forcing myself out of my bed because I had to make those dollars and support my family.

I’ve been smacked around by the learning curve as I changed the trajectory of my career and tried to gain experience so I could get a new job, hoping to find an employer to take a chance on me.

I’ve been in very low places with my businesses where nothing I tried seemed to work, and with competition increasing and employees counting on me, I had to make very hard decisions.

I’ve also faced many hardships in life - recovering from alcoholism, attempting to repair broken relationships, letting go of long-term relationships that were abusive and manipulative, and learning to heal myself and ask others for the support I needed.

Through it all the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that, under almost all circumstances, if you have a willingness to change and will do the work required, you can and will dramatically change your life.

While I can’t promise you that everyday is going to be unicorns and rainbows, you can drastically improve the quality of your business, career, life, or in many cases, all of the above.

You CAN gain clarity on what fulfillment looks like to you.

You CAN discover a unique roadmap to get there.

You CAN take action and find the fulfillment you’re looking for.

And you WILL BE supported and guided along the way.


IGNITE Coaching: Your Path to Fulfillment

IGNITE Coaching incorporates numerous coaching, leadership, and healing methodologies to serve the entire spectrum of human behavior and being. To truly help you bring about the changes you want to find greater fulfillment, it addresses all the elements that combine to form our behavior as humans:

  • Beliefs
  • Programs
  • Values
  • Emotions
  • Attitudes
  • Perceptions
  • Thoughts
  • Addictions
  • Temptations
  • Drivers
  • Embodied traumas

IGNITE Coaching addresses the entire you, rather than merely scratching the surface.

Together we’ll be creating strategies and action plans so you can make massive forward progress to your desired future state.

We’ll also be identifying and processing trapped emotions which are anchoring you to a past that prevents you from achieving what you truly desire.

Ultimately, IGNITE Coaching helps create amazing breakthroughs and provides you with the tools to make lasting breakthrough shifts in your life.

Matt W.

"Ceredrin was instrumental in helping me brainstorm, formulate, and execute on ideas that I have a passion for and allow me to pursue my dreams. From articulating and visualizing goals to actually getting a website out there with an effective service offering, he encouraged me and held me accountable every step of the way. I went from unsure and afraid of putting myself out there to having a clear goal and traction in the right direction. Through his assistance, I feel empowered and equipped to live the life of my dreams by unlocking my full potential. Ceredrin was friendly and informative, achieving a balance of relating personally while also being an authority on execution strategies I was seeking. He knows how to get stuff done and guide others in doing the same!"

- Matt W.

I’m Ceredrin - A Certified Coach and Trainer, Entrepreneur and Strategist

I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and individuals find greater fulfillment by growing their businesses and improving the quality of their lives and relationships for more than 21 years.

The one things my clients routinely rave about is the confidence, ambition, and clarity they get from our one-on-one coaching sessions. In every session we cut through the noise, get to the heart of the matter, and create plans of actions.

My experience comes from life as well as formal certifications.

I love working with ambitious and driven people committed to taking action to improve their lives.


One of the most valuable moves that Ceredrin helped me to do was to stop playing around and ask for “practice” clients. This helped me breakthrough the resistance I was having towards “Getting Started”. Ceredrin was patient and encouraging, pointing out pieces I wasn’t able to see. I would highly recommend working with Ceredrin; he’ll help you recognize whatever direction and goals you are wanting to travel and achieve.

- Heather H.

In the world of information overload, simplicity of Ceredrin's sessions were instrumental in getting what I want through simple action steps. From this foundation, I was able to increase my goals per week and was able to achieve them. This also led to the habit of goal setting and continuous action towards my goals and achieving amazing results.

- Harry H.

Ceredrin's coaching has been the final piece of my professional puzzle. I have a pretty good idea where I’m heading towards with my business, but Ceredrin's eagle-eye view is exactly what I needed to gain the confidence and ambition that I needed to get all my engine running towards my big goal. His down-to-Earth questions and challenges allowed me to get into my "this is where I’m headed and this is the next thing to do" mindset that any business owner should always zone into.

- Lucian D.

Which Kind of Person Are You?

IGNITE Coaching is for people who are:

  • Unsatisfied with the status quo
  • Looking for clarity
  • Desire a clear, customized plan of action to create their desired future
  • Action-oriented
  • Willing to take a look at themselves and their behavior
  • Ready to do the necessary work to make the changes they desire

IGNITE Coaching is NOT for people who are:

  • Just fine with the status quo
  • Unwilling to do the work necessary to bring about shifts in their lives
  • Want to just talk with someone about their problems
  • Don’t find the time to improve their lives

If you’re the kind of person who is ready and willing to create your future, IGNITE Coaching is for you.

Schedule Your FREE 30-Minute Ignition Session Now

During this session we’ll work together to…

  • Create a crystal clear vision for your “ultimate business success” and the “perfect lifestyle” you’d like your business to provide.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging the growth of your business and keeping you working too many hours.
  • Gain a renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally get what you’ve wanted from your business all along - an incredible sense of fulfillment.

And perhaps most importantly, a "next-step" action plan for moving your life into the next phase.

Sessions Will Become Available Again November 2021.